Surgical Design

In order for healing to proceed in the most predictably and best looking way careful surgical design must be employed. The planning of incisions with respect to size, location, and direction can have an enormous impact upon the final outcome. So can the way tissues are handled and arranged beneath the skin. Plastic surgeons must consider not only the maneuvers needed within the body to accomplish the desired result, but the design of their access and its repair.

Placing incisions in shadows, body creases, or the hair will help to mask the scarring inevitable after surgery. When incisions must be made on exposed portions of the anatomy, care must be made in order to place them in the proper direction. When confronted with a traumatic injury, the surgeon must carefully remove devitalized tissues ( "derides" the wound), with care to spare as much of the critical anatomy as possible. Meticulous, anatomic repair of all tissue layers will then follow.